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VP of Communications Turn Over File Jan 24, 2017

It has been my pleasure to work with Sarasota Sister Cities over the past six years as Vice President of Communications. During that time we have created many ways to communicate with our members, including Blogs, a Web Site, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ pages to promote our organization. We also produced an excellent video.

I have prepared this turn over file for the incoming VP of Communications.  This describes how I have approached the work - the new VP can of course proceed as she or he sees fit. I will supply the passwords on request. I will also be happy to help the new VP as he or she gets underway.  Contact me if you need any help or assistance.  Craighullinger@gmail.com  309  634 5557.

We use social marketing to inform our membership. Our principle addresses are:

Blog          sarasotasistercities.com (This is our online newsletter)

Web          sarasotasistercities.org

You can Post Directly to the sites below:


Twitter       twitter.com/#!/SarasotaSisterC

LinkedIn    linkedin.com/in/sarasotasistercities

Our Emails  sarasotasistercities@gmail.com

                    Your name or title here@sarasotasistercities.com

Our blog sarasotasistercities.com is our online newsletter. This is heart of our communication effort. We keep a calendar events at the top, and amplify the  information with photos on older posts.  The address actually forwards to a blog, sarastosistercities.blogspot.com

We email our members several times each month with notices of events. We copy the blog entry into the email so that graphics are sent. We also post each blog entry to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounty,

 We use two email addresses - sarasotasistercities@gmail.com and (Your name or Title Here)@sarasotasistercities@gmail.com.

The VP controls this google group account. You can grant email addresses to those members who wish to use the system.

Google has provided us a domain email for free, since we are a non profit.  We have created an email address when they are requested by Board Members.  The address is your title or name, followed by @sarasotasistercities.com

The system is similar to gmail. It also provides a way to share documents and photographs. A little confusing but you can figure it out.

Using the domain email is of course voluntary.  If you do use the email it might make it simpler to use it with a separate web browser - perhaps use the Microsoft browser for your regular email and use Chrome or Firefox for your Sister City email.  That way you won't have to log in and out of the two email systems. Or you can choose to forward the Sister City email to your regular account.

The Blogs and Google+ are written with the gmail addresses. The calendar of the organization is kept on the calendar of Sarasotasistercities@gmail.com

You can post information and photos and interact with others on the addresses below. All of our members and friends are encouraged to join us. These systems work best if we have a number of our members posting.

We continue our efforts with our Facebook page. If you use Facebook please check out our page, and contribute thoughts, ideas, and 


If you use Twitter please join us. It is easy to create an account and post directly yourself. And prove to everyone that you are up to date. 

We also continue our efforts on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/sarasotasistercities


Pinterest provides an interesting visual history of the


And of course our Web Site. We use the consultant Steve Maxey to update the site and we change it infrequently. It does pick up info from the blog automatically and has links to our social media. sarasotasistercities.org

We VP of Membership maintains our membership records on imembersdb.com

From this site you can update your own records and membership records.  You should be able to log in initially using your email address and your zip code. Membership VP Dave Harralson maintains this site and can help you get access membership@sarasotasistercities.com

 You can email our entire membership from the IMembersDB site.  An advantage of using this is that the email is personalized to each member and the membership is current.  The disadvantage is that you cannot include graphics in the email.

We established a blog that has spreadsheets exported from IMembersDB showing Board contact info and Members Contacts.  boardssc.blogspot.com 

The Board emails are open - the spread sheet of all our members is private.

We have many photos on line. You can see them on our Pinterest page or see them from the left column of the blog. Or Click Here.

We have a nice video that explains our Citizen Diplomacy.

Click to View the Video


If any of you would like to help improve our social marketing systems give me a call or send me an email or just jump in and start posting to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter addresses. And if you know anyone who can help with this effort please put me in contact with me. I am likely beyond help but would appreciate it nevertheless.

I continue to post news releases with little success. It is easy to write a news release on the Tampa Bay News Wire and theoretically the papers will pick this up. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

News Release 

We have a Publicity Director position that reports to the VP of Membership.  Unfortunately we have not been able to fill this position. You would be accomplishing a great deal if you can find a good person for this job. 

If you have articles or photos to share, please send them to us and we will post them to the blog and social media.

Sister City Blogs

We have established a blog for each of our Sister Cities. We encourage the City Directors to post photos and notices on their blog. 



Our Social Networking report: 


Sarasota Sister Cities Social Marketing Plan


Sarasota Sister Cites Plan

Sunsets Sarasota


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