Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 2014 Report

We continue our efforts to improve social networking / communications among Sister City Members and other citizen leaders.

We put items of interest to our members on our blog,, and then put the same information in a more brief form on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Googe+, and Pinterest pages.

We would appreciate all those who use those systems to Friend / Like / Connect with us. The concept of social networking involves communication among our members. The more, the merrier.

We are aggressive about posting important info on our blog. If you want to get the word out send it to me and I will post it on the blog and our other social media. But you can post yourself to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ pages. This is actually the best way.

The Blog and Web site are mostly top down dissemination of information. The other systems allow and encourage everyone to post and communicate.

Per the request of the Board, we posted our membership roster on the blog in the left column under:

Board Member Only Info - Contacts.  I invited the Board to read this. If you cannot read it email me and I will re invite you.  Please review the people and their email info. If you see someone missing or with an out of date email please send an update to me.  And anyone you think we should add - government leaders, civic leaders, etc, send their name and email and we will them add it to the list.

There is another file under Board Member Only Info called membership. This is essentially the same spreadsheet for contacts, but only the VP of Membership and I can edit it. We have let 15 or so people edit the other one, and it could obviously get damaged, so we have a backup.

We conducted a Sarasota Social Networking Class on Feb 13, 2014. It went well. If there is interest we will be glad to run another class.

I will not be at the meeting this week. I went up to Chicago to enjoy the weather and help my parents.  See you soon.

Our social networking school went well. There was lots of interest and questions. And thanks to Natasha Leung for setting up a Instagram page for us. Instagram is the new program that young people are turning to - so they don't have to have their parents and grandparents sharing their Facebook page.

February 13, Thursday 2:00 to 4:00 pm - Class on Sarasota Social Networking. City Hall 1565 1st St, Sarasota.

All members are welcome to attend. We will cover our Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest sites - how to use them. And we will discuss how you can use these tools to network with your family, publish your family stories, photos, etc. Your homework before class is to look at our sites below. You may bring your laptop.

Course outline

Walk-ins are welcome

Courtesy RSVP to 

Craig Hullinger VP Communications
Sarasota Sister Cities





Craig Hullinger VP Communications
Sarasota Sister Cities