Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Report

Sarasota Sister City Social Networking Report March 2014
March 2014 Report
Sarasota Sister Cities uses the following:
We put out the current word on our blog.  Then we put the message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and our Web Site.
These systems work best if more people are using them. I encourage anyone who is interested to connect with us on these systems.
We first write what is happening on the blog. This is where you find out about current events and view photos of past events.
The Web site automatically picks up the latest 5 posts from the blog. The web site has content that does not change often and is of interest to new members. You can get to all of our social networking systems from either the blog or web site.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are all designed to be interactive. These systems will work best when we have a number of SisterCity members actively using these systems and exchanging information. If you are interested I would encourage you to connect with us on one or more systems.

Our membership contact list with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails is on the blog in the left column under Board Member Only.  Only Board members can read or write to this spread sheet file.  If you wish to read it and cannot send and email to and I will reinvite you.

We placed a short survey at the top left of the blog. Members can fill this out and send it back to us in an effort to match interests of our members with needs of the organization.
In addition to our main blog of we have also set up a blog for each of our eight Sister Cities.  The idea is that these blogs will focus on just the relationship of Sarasota with that Sister City.
The CD's can of course use this or not as they wish.  Anything they want to add or delete from their blog I will be glad to do so. I would also be happy to assist them to learn how to make entries on the blog themselves, or I will post for them if they prefer. They can just send me an email with any corrections, deletions, or additions.
The blog address can be typed directly or can be found in the left column of the main blog. The address always starts with the name of the sister city followed by Sarasota, then  I used the short name for the Sistercity - not the province, which would make for a long and hard to remember address.
Let me know of any changes that you or the CD's want.
Craig Hullinger VP Communications
Sarasota Sister Cities