Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 2014 Report

We continue to work to build our social network for our Sarasota Sister Cities Membership.  We connect using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. If you are using any of those systems please like or friend or link with us. Our addresses are listed on the bottom of this email.

We continue to use our Blog to spread current Sarasota Sister Cities news. :

We are always looking for scoop about the organization to post on our blog, so please email any items of information to me and I will post. 

Our Web site also provides a great deal of information. 

Web        sarasotasistercities.org 

We have also developed a blog for each one of our eight Sister Cities. The addresses for each one start with the name of our Sister City and then Sarasota. The easiest way to reach these blogs is to go to the blog - they are in the left column.  One example below.

Our consultants have completed their first draft of our video.  Five of our members have reviewed it and the consultant is revising. A draft should be ready for your review soon.

We have been collecting photos of the organization and posting them on line. You can view them by going to the blog, and clicking on the links in the left column.

Thank you for your review. 

Craig Hullinger
Vice President Communications

Blog         sarasotasistercities.com
Web         sarasotasistercities.org 

Craig Hullinger VP Communications
Sarasota Sister Cities