Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 2015 Social Networking Report

We continue our efforts to improve our social networking systems.

We encourage you to network with us if you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. You can post information directly to these sites.

The three sites below disseminate information - no log in required - just click on the link below:




You can reach all of our links and systems from the left column of the blog:

The systems below are best to build interaction among Sister City Members. If you use them please post information and photos of interest to Sister City members directly.



We are slowly adding videos to our sites. We also have added a large number of photos. You can find these sites in the left column on the blog or by clicking the link below:

The blog is the best site to learn about what Sister Cities has done or what is upcoming. We post upcoming information and also photos of events. The Website automatically picks up the latest 5 posts from the blog. The Website also has the best information about policies and our sister cities. Pinterest provides a great pictorial history of the organization.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are all designed to get people to interact. We post a short message on each system with a link back to the blog. You have to sign up for these programs - this is free and simple.  You will want go to our pages and like or friend or link to them. Then you will see what we post and everyone will see what you post. Over time we hope to get a number of people interacting on these systems.

Send info to:

Saturday, April 4, 2015

News Release - Tampa Bay News Wire, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sarasota Observer

Submit news release and meeting notices to:

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

For the newspaper:

For the web site:
For SNN - Suncoast News Network:


The Sarasota Observer

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer / Lisa Walsh
Chief Digital Officer / Emily Walsh
Executive Editor / Kat Hughes
Deputy Executive Editor / Jessica Luck

News Editor / David Conway

Managing Editor Diversions and Special Projects / Stephanie Hannum
Black Tie Assistant Editor / Heather Merriman
Managing Editor / Design / Nancy Schwartz

Design Editor / Nicole Thompson

Staff Writer / Jessica Salmond 
"For the newspaper:" <>, 
"For the web site:" <>,
"For SNN - Suncoast News Network:" <>, 
"Editor and CEO / Matt Walsh" <>,  
"Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer / Lisa Walsh" <>, 
"Chief Digital Officer / Emily Walsh" <>,
"Executive Editor / Kat Hughes" <>,
"Deputy Executive Editor / Jessica Luck" <>, 
"News Editor / David Conway" <>, 
"Managing Editor Diversions and Special Projects / Stephanie Hannum" <>, 
"Black Tie Assistant Editor / Heather Merriman" <>, 
"Managing Editor / Design / Nancy Schwartz" <>, 
"Design Editor / Nicole Thompson" <>, 
"Staff Writer / Jessica Salmond <>