Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 2014 Sarasota Sister Cities Social Marketing and Communication Report

Meet and Greet
Our video is complete and posted on our blog near the top left. We will soon add it to our Web Site. It is set up and designed so that we can periodically update it as we complete new endeavors.

We continue to slowly add readership and participation with our Sarasota Sister Cities social networking system.

Our three sites that disseminate information - addresses below:

You can reach all of our systems from the left column of the blog:

The systems below are best to build interaction among Sister City Members.  If you are using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest please connect with us and share items of mutual interest.





Visit to Israel 2014
We are slowly adding videos to our sites. We also have added a large number of photos.



The blog is the best site to learn about what Sister Cities has done or what is upcoming. The Web site automatically picks up the latest 5 posts from the blog. It also has the best information about policies and our sister cities. Pinterest provides a great pictoral history of the organization. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are all designed to get people to interact. We post a short message on each system with a link back to the blog. You have to sign up for these programs - this is free and simple.  You will want go to our pages and like or friend or link to them. Then you will see what we post and everyone will see what you post. Over time we hope to get a number of people interacting on these systems.

In addition to our main blog of we have also set up a blog for each of our eight Sister Cities. The idea is that these blogs will focus on just the relationship of Sarasota with that Sister City.

The CD's can of course use this or not as they wish. Anything they want to add or delete from their blog I will be glad to do so. I would also be happy to assist them to learn how to make entries on the blog themselves, or I will post for them if they prefer. They can just send me an email with any corrections, deletions, or additions.

The blog address can be typed directly or can be found in the left column of the main blog. The address always starts with the name of the sister city followed by Sarasota, then  I used the short name for the Sister City - not the province, which would make for a long and hard to remember address.

Let me know of any changes that should be made.

We plan on writing the history of Sarasota Sister Cities on this blog. We are contacting people who served with Sarasota Sister Cities in the beginning of the organization and ask them to write their memories.  If you have some information about Sarasota Sister Cities please email it to and we will publish it on this blog.

Dave Harralson and Carrie Weaver have our new membership data base program up and running.  It is a nice system that should help us improve our media interactions with our memberships. Dave and Carrie are providing training for Board Members.

Send info to:

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